Alis Platter£7.95

Meat Samosa£2.95

Vegetable Samosa£2.95

Chicken Samosa£2.95

Onion Bhaji£3.45

Prawn Cocktail£3.50

Chicken Chat£3.65
Cooked With Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Chick Peas, Spices And Fresh Herbs

Spicy Sliced Chicken Fried With Onion

Aloo Pathi£3.50
Spicy Mince Lamb Covered In A Mashed Potato Ball Then Dipped In Egg And Fried

Garlic Mushrooms£3.50

Tandoori Chicken Qtr£3.95

Sheek Kebab£3.95
Spicy Mince Cooked In A Clay Oven

Chicken Tikka£3.95
Marinated Chicken Cooked In A Tandoori Oven

Lamb Tikka£4.45
Marinated Chicken Cooked In A Tandoori Oven

Ch Pakora£4.25

Reshmi Kebab£3.95
Spicy Mince Burger With Omelette On Top

Mixed Kebab£4.95
Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka And Sheek Kebab

Kebab Cocktail£4.95
Samosa, Sheek Kebab And Shami Kebab

Stuffed Pepper Chicken£4.95

Nargis Kebab£4.50

Stuffed Pepper Lamb£4.95

Stuffed Pepper Vegetable£4.95

Prawn Puri£4.95

Chicken Puree£4.95

Lamb Puree£4.95

Vegetable Puree£4.95

King Prawn Bhaji£5.50
Whole King Prawn In A Thick Spicy Sauce. Cooked With Tomato, Green Peppers, Onion And Garlic.

King Prawn Butterfly£5.50
Whole Jumbo King Prawn Lightly Spiced And Covered In Bread Crumbs And Fried

Chi Chat Puri£4.95

Garlic King Prawn Puree£5.95

Paneer Tikka£3.95

Chicken Turbo Tikka£3.95
Hot And Spicy

Lamb Turbo Tikka£4.45
Hot And Spicy

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